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TOEFL Preparation is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. A million students prepare for TOEFL and take TOEFL every year. For many students, TOEFL preparation means spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars/pounds on TOEFL courses. Sometimes these TOEFL preparation courses are beneficial, sometimes they are not. Sometimes, these TOEFL preparation courses teach bad habits and bad strategies that can actually harm your TOEFL score.

The world of online learning has breathed new life into TOEFL preparation. Today, you can sit at home and learn the best TOEFL tips and strategies whenever you want. No class times, no transportation required - just a computer and an internet connection. Today, TOEFL preparation can be done anywhere and anytime. The best part, however, is how much money can be saved by studying online. No longer will you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on TOEFL preparation courses that may or may not be helpful. Today, you can spend less than $100 and get an TOEFL preparation course that would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if delivered in-person.

However, students must still be careful. There are many online TOEFL preparation sites out there, and some can be very poor. Some TOEFL preparation websites are run by "teachers" who barely speak English themselves. You MUST make sure that the TOEFL preparation website you are learning from is constructed and delivered by university-educated, native English speakers with training in ESL teaching.

At, we can assure you that our TOEFL preparation materials are best-in-industry. Our instructors and developers are university-educated, native English speakers, and ESL-trained. We have proven results. Our students love learning with us, and they love the high scores they receive.

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